This page was last updated: 6/4/2021
Mike and Shevon Poynter
   797 Wylie Road
  Seaman, OH 45679
   Cell 1-937-205-9902
and S Goat Farm
Congratulations Samantha Frederick!! Great job!!!
Congratulations Whitney May !!! Great Job !!!
             OUR BARN
We have an open drive area designed to allow us to back a wagon load of hay in for easy unloading. We have lofts over all the stalls which will hold about 300 bales of hay. We also built a small office. We put a small air conditioner and a baseboard heater  so we are able to keep meds and others supplies in the barn. Also comes in handy if problems from kidding arise. Most of our kidding comes in cold weather.
To the left is a pic of our main hay feeding area. It was designed by my husband. He used 2 cattle panels. Hay is pulled through one panel and any excess hay falls into small space inbetween the 2 panels. With this design most of the waste hay is elimated.
To the right is one of our 4 birthing stalls. Since our boers kid in January we have heat lights in all of our stalls. Each light has a fully enclosed cage that is kid proof. He mounted each cage on unistrut so it can be moved up or down depending on how close you want the lamp to the kid.
Welcome to M and S goat farm. We live just inside Adams county in southern Ohio. We've been breeding and selling goats since 2004. We are just one of several boer breeders in Ohio. We have boer goats for sale in Ohio as well as Kentucky, Indiana and other states. All of our goats are registered with the ABGA. Most are full blooded. We started with traditionals and still have them but we also have reds, blacks, paints and dapple. 
We started with 3 pygmy does and a buck. After the first year we decided to raise boers instead. Finding they are a lot more gentle in nature. We currently have a herd of about 6 does and 2 bucks. For any of you out there that raise goats you know the highs and lows of raising them. We have experienced plenty of both. But for all the lows there are twice as many highs. Especially when it is kidding time. Even though we kid in February and it is always a very tiring time, I love it. There nothing more joyful than a barn full of playing kids.  
Always striving to bred the best and highest quality goats we can. We have over the years purchased what we think are top quality genetics. Ones that would really stand out in the show ring and the does folks would rave about and have.
Check out our does and bucks as well as our sale page. If you have any questions we'll be glad to talk to you. Or if you just want to know more about goats give us a call or email us.

Special note:  For those of you looking for goat meat we do not sell our goats specifically for meat. We sell breeding stock. If you are looking for meat our local livestock auction United Producers Inc in Hillsboro, Ohio auctions goats for meat.
Our wether buyer backed out last minute. So we have 2 for sale. Pictures on our "For Sale" page.