Mr Dillion                                                    Born 02-08-2006

Registered name: MNS Matt Dillion
Sire: MEG T01
Dam: CMC Paige SA
Bloodlines: MEG T01, CMC Paige SA, RRD Gunsmoke P502 "Ennobled", Eggs Nina, BWM Achey Breaky Hart SA, STM M24, Eggs Ryals Magnum "Ennobled", RRD Magnum's Beauty "Ennobled", Eggsacting, Eggscessive, Natl Grand Champion Dow "Pipeline""Ennobled", MLA L112, STB K46

This is Mr. Dillion. He is 3 years old in this picture. He is a very gentle natured guy. He gets the best care and attention. He has turned out some great kids and produced some local fair winners. 
Reggie                                                        Born 4-02-07

Registered name: ELFMAN Reggie
Sire: GE1 Rocket
Dam: E L F Woman Sasha

Meet Reggie. He arrived on our farm April 6 2008. We bought him from Edwards Lookout Farm in Manchester. His father is Rocket one of their herd sires. We are so excited about him. He took to our place right away. He is very friendly. Loves to be groomed. So far this kidding he has turned out some very nice kids. This picture was taken in July of 2009. 

 and S Goat Farm
The Mega Man                                       DOB:12-16-13
 Sire: SGR Catsanova
Dam:Love'nm Little Tunny             

Meet SGR Mega Man. He is the flush son of SGR Catsanova. He is a great example of what flushing turns out. We saw his sire when we bought Mega Man. Weight more than 300lb. Just a total mass of muscle and great length and structure.
This guys has turned out to be fantastic. He has superior length, thick front, just full of muscle. He's a handful. Most of his kids has his length. He has made us proud with the kids he makes.
If you want to see the offspring of our stud bucks go to our sale page and see the does for sale and the bucks for sale. To view the bucks pedigree just click on the pedigree button.
They call me "Mr. Tibbs"
He ain't Rusty
Out for Justice
Mr. Bo Jangles
Progeny of Reggie
​PPF Rocky River                                   DOB: 1-23-16
Sire: GLA Dappled Dandy           Dam: Bon Joli River Dance

Meet Rocky. He came to us from Peaceful Pastures Farm in Pennsylvania. We've been looking to get a dapple buck for some time. Wanted one from Max Boer goats but just didn't happen. We are even more pleased that he come from the Bon Joli blood lines. Rocky is red with creme dappled throughout. Good length, thick front to rear. Has a wonderful personality. Loves attention. Likes to  be a clown as you can see in this picture. He is registered with the ABGA. Picture taken summer 2017.
Macho Man
Rock Star
Billy Jack
Black Sabbath
SPR H20                    DOB: 02/04/18
Sire:LK& Spotted Devil            Dam: SPR 2

We call him Lil Rock. He came to us while Rocky was still alive so we decided to call him Lil Rock after Rocky. We purchase him from Springer Farm in Hillsboro, Ohio. He came to our farm in the summer of 2018. We a little unsure about him at the time but has he most defiantly changed our minds. This picture was taken in early summer 2019. He has grown tremendously. Thick throughout. Front to rear. Has good length. Good bite and pigment. Teats are 1x1. 
We're excited to see our fist kid crop from him.
MNS Farm Quigley            DOB: 03/16/19
Sire: SGR Mega Man        Dam: Queen of Hearts

​We got his name from the movie "Quigley down under". This guy has really surpass our expectations. Although with the pedigree he has we should not be surprised. He is a month younger than the other bucklings from our 2019 kidding and has surpassed all of them by 20 lbs. This picture was taken in April 2020. He is thick front to rear. Pretty good length. Bite good, good pigment and teats are 1x1. Really are impressed so far. We will be using him as one of our newest herd sires.