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Rodeo                                                  Born 10/28/07
Registered name: DL Lil Red Rodeo
Sire: CVR Rhubarb "Ennobled"          Dam: DL Destiny

Rodeo is one beautiful paint doe. She is long and thick in her front. 
Has a good bite, 1 and 1 on her teat structure and fully pigmented. She usually kids with triplets. She is a good mother and has been able to feed all 3 kids.
Reference only. Rodeo is no longer with us.
Carmen                                                   Born 11/11/08
Registered name: JF4 Carmen
Sire: "Richardsons" Merlin          Dam: KF Miss Kentuckiana 28

Carmen is a full bodied doe. Massive amount of muscle. She is wide in the front as well as the hind quarters. She was given lots of attention. She is very friendly. 
Carmen usually kids with multibles. 3 alot of the time 4 never 2. She is a very good mother. Is able to handle 3 kids but needs help with 4. This picture as taken when she was a yearling.
Thanks Johnson Farms for this awsome doeling.

Jenna                                                        Born 4/10/09
Registerd name: ELFWOMAN Jet Black Jenna
Sire: PDBF Blackum's Coal        Dam: ELFWoman Amber

This is Jenna. The picture was taken when she was a year old. She is a beautiful solid black doeling that has filled out nicely. She is longer than her sibling Misty. Really nice muscling. Thick in the front and rear. She is a very friendly doeling. Has a 1 and 1 teat structure, a good bite and fully pigmented. She's a really good mother. Usually kidding with twins.

Reference only. Jenna is mo longer with us.
Misty                                                                   Born 4/10/09
Registerd name: ELFWOMAN Starlight Mist
Sire: PDBF Blackum's Coal             Dam: ELFWoman Amber

This is Misty. The picture was taken when she was a year old. Her sire is black and the dam is red. She is a full bodied doe. A little short bodied but very thick in her front and rear.  She is 1 and 1 on her teat structure, fully pidmented and has a good bite. She is a friendly girl. She usually kids with 2 but last season she had 3 doelings. Was able to feed all of them. She's a really good mother.
Thank you Kelly Edwards at Edwards Lookout Farm for her.

Lots-a-Dots (Dottie)                         DOB: 3/16/10
Sire: ELFMAN Reggie
Dam: Unique Design (UD)

Dottie was born on our farm. She was a single kid. She grew like crazy. She has 2 clean teats. Very friendly. She has great length and is thick through out. One nice doe. She is a 75% doe. This picture was taken in late fall 2016.  She is currently the largest doe we have. Every kid she has had has turned out fantastic. She usually kids with twins. A good mother as well.  Picture taken summer 2017.
Ruby                                                      DOB: 2-28-10
Sire: ELFMAN Reggie
Dam: DL Lil Red Rodeo

This is Ruby. Ruby was our first bottle baby. We were afraid that would stunt her but it hasn't. She is thick in her front and rear. Good muscling. She is 1 and 1 on her teat structure, good bite and full pigmentation. She usually gives us twins and they are always 10 to 12 lbs. A great mother.
 Reference only. Ruby is no longer with us.
​MNS Farm Lil Black Amber                       DOB :1-19-11
Sire : ELFMAN Reggie

We call her Lil Black. She is one beautiful solid black doe. Great length. Thick front and rear. Very friendly.  Is 1 and 1 teat structure, good bite and fully pigmented. She usually kids with twins. She is a good mother as well. She does want to be the boss with the other nannies.
MNS Farm California             DOB: 1-19-14
Sire: ELFMAN Reggie           Dam: JF4 Carmen

Meet Callie. She is from our 2014 kidding season. She is 1 of 4. Mom always has 3 and 4 kids. Callie we believe is going to be a superior brood doe. She is so thick and full front and rear. She has a nice level top. A few faults are she's a little short bodied and her teat structure is not the best but we think she will be able to nurse o.k. She has a good bite and pigmentation. She has a great personality and gets along well with the others. Picture was taken June 17,2015.

Reference only. Callie went to a new home.
MNS Farm Savanna              DOB: 3-06-14
Sire: ELFMAN Reggie         Dam: ELFWOMAN Jenna

This is Savanna. She is another one of our 2014 doelings. She is a beautiful auburn colored doeling. Red sire, black dam. She has great length and a thick front and rear. Has a good bite, fully pigmented and is 1 and 1 on her teats. She is friendly.  Picture taken June 17,2015.
Check out our does for sale on our "for sale" page. Really nice quality does and next season show high quality show does.
#41                        DOB: 4-27-12
Sire: DCI Hakuna II        Dam: Boer X

This is one superior nanny. She has a long level top. Great muscling. Fully pigmented, a good bite and a 1 and 1 udder.She's registered with the ABGA as a 50%. 
 Supernova (Doppler)            DOB: 4-13-13
Sire: DCI Hakuna II            Dam: Boer X

We are so excited about getting this doe. She's our first dapple. Her dam was a dapple so we are hoping she has some strong genetics to pass down. She is a super nice doe. Just one complete mass of muscle. 1 and 1 teat structure, pigment good and a good bite. She registered with the ABGA 50%. 
Kiki Fire I  (Grace)            DOB: 5-08-13
Sire: COW Fire Ball            Dam: Boer X

A really nice paint doe. Good level top. Great muscling throughout. Good bite, pigment good and teat structure is 1 and 1. She is registered as a 50% with the ABGA. Really gentle personality. She was bred when we got her. This will be her first kidding. Grace kidded with triplets and has done great at caring and feeding all of them.

Reference only. Grace has went to a new home.
Kuna Kris #89                   DOB:11-13-13
Sire: DCI Hakuna II            Dam: Boer X

​This is one massive doe considering her age. She has the length, width and loaded with muscles. She is extremely friendly. Loves petting and hugging. She is registered with the ABGA as a 50%. 

Reference only. Kuna Kris died in December.
​ADVBG Shadow Dancer                        DOB: 09-12-13
Sire: ADVBG Get-a-grip                Dam: ADVBG Itsa-Pacosso

Shadow is the result of advanced breeding genetics. Feminine yet lean and muscled. She is 1 and 1 on her teat structure with good pigment. She handles easily and is gentle and friendly. We bred her with the Mega Man. She had 2 beautiful doelings. We are planning to show her this year. Shadow comes from a long line of ennoblements.
ALKE LaFonda                                    DOB: 04-03-13
Sire: ALKE Milo to the Max            Dam: ADVBG Sunny Day

This doe also comes from a long line of quality breeding. LaFonda is a massive girl. She has a very gentle nature. Is one and one teat structure. good bite and fully pigmented. She was bred to the Mega Man and kidded with twins. She has excellent mother skills. Planning on showing her this year. Check out her pedigree. Ennoblements to the max.
​Reference only. LaFonda is no longer with us.
GF5 Powers Rockin Pretty                      DOB: 06-21-13
Sire: Red Gate Power in the Blood "Ennobled"
Dam: GF5 Mona Lisa's Masterpiece

Rockin pretty is a lean muscled smaller framed doe. Wasn't to friendly when we first bought her but she really warmed up over time. She is 1 and 1 on her teat structure, good pigment and good bite. She is registered as an American purebred. She has been shown and passed inspection.  Her pedigree is loaded with ennoblements. 

Reference only. Rockin Pretty died in May.
Shadow died in April. Going to keep her doeling to carry on the great breeding line.
Misty left the farm in February. She was not able to concieve anymore. She was still young. We have no idea what happened.
MNS Farm Hershey Kiss                             DOB: 1-26-15
Sire: SGR Mega Man                      Dam: Lil Black Amber

Hershey Kiss is one beautifully marked doe. She is long bodied, thick throughout. extremely friendly. She hurt her leg at the hip when she was very young. Held it up for a long, long time. As she grew the heavier she got the more weight was put on the good leg.That caused the good leg to bend out at the knee. She walks on all four now but the leg has not gotten any better. Not going to let our big buck breed her for fear that leg might break. Going to use our younger buck. He's dapple. Hard to say what color we'll get. Haven't registered her yet. If she does o.k. with breeding and kidding we will.
Reference only. Hershey is no longer with us.
MNS Farm Queen of Hearts                DOB: Jan 2018
Sire: Mega Man                    Dam: DL Lil Red Rodeo
MNS Farm Tanner                    DOB: Jan 2018
Sire: Mega Man                Dam: ALKE LaFonda