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      2019 Bucklings
Note: All my young doelings and bucklings are grain fed twice daily for the first year of life.
Black Sabbath LB1            DOB: March 2019
Sire: Rocky River            Dam: Amber
Picture taken April 2020.
PRICE $550
McGyver SV1            March 2019
Sire:Rocky River        Dam: Savanna
Picture taken August 2019
SOLD Thanks Sandy Gavin
      2019 Doelings
MNS Farm Charlotte                DOB: Feb 25, 2019
Sire: Mega Man                    Dam: Carmen
Meet Charlotte. Her name fits her personality. She is a really gentle and easy going girl. She has grown very good. Thick front and rear. Thick bodied. Her dam always kidded with triplets. She i sjust the perfect does. Full pigment, good bite and teats 1x1. Registered with the ABGA as a full blood.
MNS Farm Billie Jo             DOB: Feb 26, 2019
Sire: Rocky River                Dam: Doppler
Billie Jo is a bottle girl. She is a triplet. Dam had problems with kidding and she was the sole survivor. She is a beautifully marked doe. Dam was dapple and sire traditional. She has really nice length. Full front and rear. Good pigment, good bite and teats 1x1. She is registered with the AGBA as a 75%.
SOLD "Thanks Tanner Topp"
MNS Farm Kathleen        DOB: Feb 28,2019
Sire: Mega Man            Dam: Tanner
Kathleen comes from superior blood lines. Thus far she is showing it. Good length. Thick front and rear. Good pigmentation, good bite and good teat structure. Very friendly. She is registered with the ABGA as a full blood.
PRICE $600
MNS Farm Rhiannon         DOB: Mar 16,2019
Sire: Mega Man                Dam: Lots-a-dots   We named her Rhiannon because she is just a fancy doe. She has a nice horn set, full pigment, good bite and good teat structure. Nice length. Her dam was the biggest, nicest doe. She is well on her way to being her mother. She handles well and is friendly. Registered with the ABGA as a 88%.
Magnum SV2                        March 2019
Sire: Rocky River           Dam: Savanna
Picture taken April 2020
PRICE $600
      2020 Bucklings
         2020 Doeling
T1 Doeling                  DOB: February 2020
Sire: Mega Man        Dam: Tanner
Beautiful young doeling. Single kid. Growing like crazy. Weighed April 14, 9 weeks old, 50 lbs. She is thick front to rear.
​F2 Buckling                    DOB: February 2020
Sire: SPR H20 Lil Rock            Dam: France
Really nice looking lil buckling. His has really good lenght as well as his twin. He is solid thru and thru. Weighing 47 lbs at 9 weeks old.
F1 Buckling (white ear)            DOB: February 2020
Sire: SPR H20 Lil Rock            Dam: France
Beautifully marked buckling. Superior length. Really thick front and rear. Weighing 50 lbs at 9 wks old. This guy is really going to be a nice nice buckling.
2017 Does For Sale
MNS Farm Tanner            DOB: January 2017
Sire: SGR Mega Man        Dam:AEKA LaFonda
Picture taken Sept 2019.