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2017 BUCKS
​MNS Farm Rock Star                DOB; Feb 2017
Sire: Rocky River                Dam: Lil Black Amber

Rock Star ended up being a unexpected surprise. Meaning his dam is solid black with no dapple genetics. Didn't expect to see this strong dapple color to him. Sire has real strong genetics. Rock star has superior length, good muscling. Is somewhat taller than the other bucklings. Comes from a really good genetics line on both sides. Has full pegiment, good bite and teats. He's friendly and can be handles well. If your into color you will no doubt see it with him.
Pic taken 8-04-17
For Sale $1200
MNS Farm Queen of Hearts            DOB; Jan 2017
Sire: Mega Man                    Dam: Lil Red  Rodeo
​Great lil doeling front to rear. Full of muscle. Fully pigmented, good bite, teats2x2 clean. Superior genetics.  
Registered with the ABGA. Full blood. Pic taken 9-20-17.
MNS Farm Sweet Pea                  DOB: Jan 2017
Sire: Mega Man                Dam: #89
​Sweet Pea is just that. Sweet personality, sweet long bodied, sweetly muscled. She has a good bite, full pigment, teats are 2x2 clean. She's a triplet. Weight 34 lbs at weaning which was 3 months. She is registered with the ABGA as 75%.
Her dam is an extremely powerful doe. Pic taken 9-20-17.
MNS Farm Maverick            DOB: Jan 2017
Sire: Mega Man                Dam: California

Meet Maverick. He has turned out to be ​ one really nice buckling. Thick front to rear. Great disposition. Loves people. And is ready to work for you. 
Pic taken 8-04-17
For Sale $1000 

MNS Farm: Poppy            DOB: Jan 2017
Sire: Mega Man              Dam: California
Poppy is an extremely nice doeling. She has it all. Good level top, nice chest and rear. Her teats are 2x2 clean, good pigment and bite. She's registered as a full blood with the ABGA. Picture  taken 9-20-17.
MNS Farm Violet                DOB: Jan 2017
Sire: Mega Man            Dam: Grace
Violet is a superior doeling. Sleek long neck, nicely muscled, nice front and rear. Friendly. Good bite and pigment. Teats are 1x1. She's a 75% doeling. Registered with the ABGA. Picture taken 9-20-17.
MNS Farm Tanner            DOB: 1-11-17
Sire: Mega Man            Dam: LaFonda
Tanner is a quid. I feed them. Mom got sick. She has turned out fabulous though. Long bodied, great muscling. All around beautiful doeling. She is 1x1 on her teats, good bite and fully pigmented. Very friendly, handles well. Registered with the ABGA  full blooded. Picture taken 9-20-17.
​   Retaining 
MNS Farm Rose                DOB: 2-09-17
Sire: Rocky                Dam: Savanna
I think the way this girl is going to be way bigger than her dam. She is already thicker bodied than she was at this age. Thick front and rear. She has a nice horn set. Curve back nicely. She's friendly. Good bite and fully pigmented. Still need to check her teats. She's registered with the ABGA as a full blood. Picture taken 9-20-17.
Special note:  
I would like to say something about percentage does. I mean no disrespect to anyone when I say this. Some folks understand the term percentage when it comes to registered stock. Other folks I get the feeling that from some of the things that have been said about registered percentage does they don't fully understand. I get the feeling they think percentage means they are part this that and the other. So untrue. Well maybe way way way back in they're pedigree. Most percentage does (let's just say mine) are full blooded boer goats. Any goat that is registered has to have come from a full blood buck. My older nannies are 50% because they're dam was not registered. Not because she was another breed goat. They are full blooded boer goats.
One of the reasons I have percentage is they are stockier, bigger, muscled nicer, etc. than my  nicest full blood does. If your in the business of making wethers or meat goats Please do not rule out the percentage. They have superior kids. 
If your in the business of show goats hey percentage show in the big rings. And wins points.